“there shall be time . . .”

August 19, 2011

Sometimes you just have to step outside and remind yourself of how big the sky is . . . of how big its Maker is. Today I was stressed, very stressed. We all were working together, which was a blessing, to be sure–stress is much more difficult to handle when alone. But the stress of tomorrow’s deadline was looming and I, as an un-certified teacher, was feeling woefully inadequate in my attempts to get all my lessons planned, documents written, and strategies in order. But somehow I knew it wasn’t quite right for me to be so uptight, even if I was not yet ready for tomorrow. So I stepped outside. A coworker was going out to take her son up to the roof: here where we do not have much space, the rooftops are welcome spaces to just breath. I followed her, telling her I could use some air as well. And well I could. I breathed in the air. I soaked up the view. I connected with other people. Then, returning to the computer, later than I planned but ready to return to work, it was to an email of leniency: a decision had been made that the deadline was not necessary . . . there is time yet.
But it figures that there would be time. Guided, and guarded, by the creator of time, how could I forget that the gift of time is just that–a gift. Not my own to guard, and not my own to stress about!

2 Responses to ““there shall be time . . .””

  1. tucker mclelland said

    Thanks for the much needed reminder and for the lovely picture. Wondering when the students arrive. Bkessings on and to all! xoxoxT.

  2. Cherie Blessing said

    For all of us teachers in the midst of the back-to-school stress, this is a wonderful thought.

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