just look up

August 24, 2011

Though it does make me feel rather touristy, I really cannot get over my sense of wonder each time I see the kites. They are, true to stereotypes, quite ubiquitous. So this afternoon, as a coworker and I left the office for the day, I was bemoaning the fact that I was longing for an end-of-work photo walk, but that I didn’t think it was quite as practical these days, considering out locale. She replied simply that I might be surprised. As she said that, we walked out of the building and I looked up at the sky to see a new kite. I stopped and stared. She shrugged and said, “See?” realizing, I guess, exactly what I was going to do. And yes, I got my camera and had my [abbreviated] photo walk today after all :-)

One Response to “just look up”

  1. tucker mclelland said

    the sky is lovely! the kite looks like a butterfly! the hand on the camera precious! God’s beauty everywhere no matter what! Thanks for sharing>

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