let’s go fly . . .

August 25, 2011

Today was my Saturday. And I was given the most glorious gift of a day by my local relative. It was simple, really. But simply life-giving, in the manner of a fresh breeze blowing into a sealed and stale room: a simple day out. As much as I have enjoyed my new home, one can only work so many days in one place before the need for a change of scenery hits. So today I was taken off the compound where I have been for several weeks now, to have a day of seeing the sights, of touring the area where I live but am not at liberty to explore. I saw a body of water. I watched children play. I fed pigeons. I flew a kite.
And even though the air I was breathing was not exactly known for its good air-quality, it sure smelled sweet to me :-)

One Response to “let’s go fly . . .”

  1. Kim said

    A glorious gift indeed!

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