grounds for growth

August 29, 2011

As I finished up the staff photos for the library today, I went to my last . . . victim? in the list of needed mugshots. He and his young son were in the process of watering their garden so I lingered to admire the blooms and veggies. I noticed that one of their rose bushes was my favourite rose hue, and I mentioned my past issues with trying to grow my own. He wondered if roses were difficult to grow, surprised they would be considering how they thrive here. Yes, I said, in other parts of the world, as I understand, it is significantly harder to grow them than it is here. Or perhaps I console myself with that delusion? At any rate, I am pretty sure that we here are blessed with about the best roses one could find anywhere, rose-growingly-gifted or not :-)

2 Responses to “grounds for growth”

  1. tucker mclelland said

    Lovely! Wondering if they have a scent. So many here are beautiful but with no scents like I remember as a child.

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