September 15, 2011

Tonight I alternate between joining my housemates in song and being distracted by the need to write. Because I do. Need. To write.
My emotions have been all over the map these past few days, alternating between fearful anxiety and deep calm. Not surprising, considering I have just weathered my first experience of non-practice emergency: ushering children into a safe room and waiting out the storms of bomb and gunfire explosions.
During the two days since, I have tried to concentrate as usual on my lesson plans and workday duties. But I keep returning to a need to settle my heart: to somehow soothe my soul, though not knowing how.
Tonight I think I have stumbled into the answer. It lies in letting go, if only for this moment. In not doing what is on my to-do list, if only for this one night.
So I let go of the expectations and I soak up my immediate surroundings. Two incredible musicians are sitting nearby, one playing violin, one on the guitar. I sing along with them, when not typing. Tomorrow will bring a new set of duties and demands. But tonight the need is to sing songs of gratitude, and of praise.
Like this kite that had caught on the balcony of my house. Its string held it fast, as the wind blew it back and forth, up and down.
I am suspended. Held firm, by a cord that may appear tenuous but that holds me securely. Blown here and there, up and down . . . but held fast.


3 Responses to “aftermath”

  1. Kim said

    My prayers are with you. Let go. Two very simple words that take forever to master, but every day we work at it. Blessings to you.

  2. tucker mclelland said

    Music,singing,writing,friends….all great gifts of THE “strong string” …our anchor in every kind of storm and wind and in the dark. Love to think of you singing there. xoxoT..

  3. […] on our compound. I couldn’t help but stare at it and remember one I wrote about in “aftermath,” one year ago, back when this place, and this life, were new to me. It seemed fitting to […]

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