a show of talent

September 26, 2011

I got to go on a field trip today. It took a while for the event to take place, thanks to security/rescheduling issues, but I am ever so thankful that it did happen, and that I got to be there. It was a talent show put on by a local orphanage, with an amazing display of talent, as well as an inspiring message by the young woman who started this, and several other, orphanages in the country. I photographed and watched with the general [profound[ reaction of, “Wow!” And this is definitely a case in which I shall have to show you more than just one photo :-)


3 Responses to “a show of talent”

  1. Kim said

    How lovely, and how inspiring that they have purpose in their lives! What a refreshing pause for you-glad you were able to enjoy the dancers.
    Here is a link you may like to more dancers: It is Swan Lake, but done a little differently, with extreme acrobatics by the Great Chinese State Circus. Even if you prefer the standard production, you have to marvel at the abilities of these dancers!

  2. tucker mclelland said

    such beauty and sweetness in the midst of confusion!!! So happy you could be a part!!

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