setting still

October 2, 2011

As we neared the end of our weekend, and the afternoon turned to evening, I looked up at the setting sun. It had definite stunning-potential, so I asked K is I could pull her away from lesson planning for long enough to take a photo walk with me, up to the roof of the tallest building of the compound.
My assumption was that in the 4 minutes it would take us to get up to that spot, it would be prime sunset time, photographically speaking. But when we stepped over the rim, onto the top, I realized I had underestimated the speed of the sun: it had already dropped below the edge of the horizon. We stood on the roof for a few moments, soaking up the beauty of it, anyway. Then, before descending, I figured I’d take a quick shot while I was there, so as not to feel that the mission had been pointless.
Uploading my photos just now, I was quite surprised to see that this quick “aftershot,” as it were, was actually quite lovely . . . or I thought so, at least :-)

3 Responses to “setting still”

  1. tucker mclelland said

    glorious shot!

  2. Kim said

    Lovely! My photography teacher always said to just keep shooting, and to make sure that I turned around and shot what was behind me as well.
    Really gorgeous colors!
    And the added bonus? Just being up there to soak in the beauty!

  3. tucker mclelland said

    so lovelyand peaceful! a gift in the midst I would think!!

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