well spent

October 7, 2011

Praise be to the One who delights in giving precious gifts–treasures that we could never deserve but that are given generously . . . freely.
After small group this morning I felt the “should” of getting busy with preparations for the next day’s lessons. But I was not ready for it. Instead, longing for beauty, I grabbed my camera and headed for the rooftop. Those of you who have known my blog for a long time may recall the fact that I find “working” clotheslines beautiful in their functional simplicity. So today, on the roof, I spied my bit of beauty in the form of this clothesline.
Then, walking back, I was snagged for a spontaneous outing. Schoolday preparations were set aside for this one afternoon, and instead the day was spent soaking up new sights and sounds:
A market of handicrafts, and of people watching . . . a few satisfying purchases . . . socializing over coffee with some very good folks.
A gift of a day. Wasting time? Perhaps. But time well spent.


2 Responses to “well spent”

  1. tucker mclelland said

    NOT A WASTE!!!!Oh what a gift to be received with thanks…giving!And so we are thanking Him for it on this end as well! The clothes line and the outing and the fellowship! thanks for sharing the peep into your world in word and picture
    You are wonderful to keep us in your loop!!!! Love to you! T

  2. Janet said

    Very glad to hear about this. Hope your new week that is starting up quickly is wonderful. It always throws me off thinking about the time difference between us. We miss you.

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