more morning rays

October 16, 2011

It was another one of those days. Another stop-in-my-tracks-and-gasp sort of sunrise. So once again I made a run for my camera in the early hours of the morning and tried to capture that moment before the sun’s face peeked over the crest of the mountains. And once more, I wasn’t quite fast enough to beat the sun . . . but here it is anyhow :-)

4 Responses to “more morning rays”

  1. Tucker said

    Stunningly beautiful…I thank God for giving you these sightings of Him! (and love that you share them! ) Miss you! T.

  2. Barbara B. said

    Still learning new things. Proof? I got here.
    So glad to be able to enjoy something new.

  3. Kim said

    Lovely, lovely! The day shows such promise!

  4. Susan said

    Splendid Anna! Simply beautiful and thank you for sharing…

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