goodbye glory

November 10, 2011

One last night before returning to K-town. One more desert sunset. One more evening of freedom to walk. And as we did so, after watching the sky and wondering out loud about “what that sky is going to do,” I saw this. Out came my camera, and a single click of the shutter turned into this glimpse of glory. Am I ready to go back now? No. Not really. But I trust that the one able to invent such a sky is also able, and willing, to give the strength I lack.

2 Responses to “goodbye glory”

  1. Tucker McLelland said

    Prayers for re-entry sweet friend!!! What a glorious send off and reminder of Who is ultimately in charge.
    love you!

  2. What glorious-ness! Our prayers are with you as you serve Him, and bring knowledge and some sort of normalcy to your little ones.

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