just this time

November 15, 2011

I’ve never been one of those end-times sorts of people . . .
A few weeks ago in my ladies’ small group, I made a comment along those lines. Never say never. Last night in the same group I found myself musing on end-times and apocalyptic themes, realizing as I spoke the extent to which my mind has been heading in such directions lately. It must be some combination of a week away from my current home, in the warmth, of the current need to start making future decisions, and of my present situation in a home of constant political instability, with an immediate and looming threat. This combination has me musing on the fragility of the lives we hold so tightly to, yet often so flippantly. If this is it [and it is], and if we have this one day, this one moment, to do this thing we call a life [and we do], then what will we do with this one “it,” this one day, this one moment?
This morning, in the sunrise moments I snagged before the day began, I found myself wanting to capture the visuals, once more, around me. Perhaps it was a need to document the fact that I am here, back “home” and back to work. Perhaps it is the beauty [stark and undesirable though I may sometimes find it], that the changing seasons bring. And perhaps it is simply because I have been rather obsessed with photo-taking these days. Whatever it is, here it is :-) Sunrise once more, here in Central Asia.

One Response to “just this time”

  1. Tucker said

    Amen sister!
    You are a writer, a photographer ,a philosopher, a stiong woman all in one little package! Covering you with prayers.

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