in the lives of the not-quite-normal

November 18, 2011

So it’s a Sunday afternoon. Or maybe it’s a Friday. Ok, so maybe it’s both. It’s our Sunday which, for much of the rest of the world, is a Friday. Or maybe it’s our Friday, and everyone else’s Sunday?
I think I should stop now, while I’m behind . . .
All that to say, we here at the school are winding down from our not-quite-normal week in our not-quite-normal homeland, readying for another not-quite-normal week. And when I had wearied myself with my tasks at hand, I set out for a bit of a mental distraction walk, camera in hand. Passing the Grade One classroom, I greeted the teacher inside and was given a “Hey!” in return.
“Have you seen my classroom?” she asked?
Today, you mean? I queried.
No, then, I haven’t.
“Take a look!” she invited.
I stepped in, expecting to see some grand new display by her super-talented, super-teacher self. And I laughed. What I saw instead was a mad explosion of papers, files, worksheets, and knick knacks.
“My room exploded!” she told me.
Spontaneous explosion?, I wondered. Well, no. She admitted that she had, in fact, exploded her classroom. I guess this is what happens when teachers don’t leave school . . . quite literally, in our case :-)
All things considered, camera in hand, what could I possibly do but take a new foot photo?

2 Responses to “in the lives of the not-quite-normal”

  1. merrynook said

    looks like Chloe’s bedroom! and no, your feet do not look big!

  2. Tucker said

    Hugs to you and all of your collegues! And More Hugs! and so many prayers for strength and patience and energy and a sense of humor and safety. You are troopers!

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