finding peace

December 6, 2011

Last night in my small group I reflected on this year’s “On this day” post. We were studying anniversaries, and the ways G_d has used them throughout history. It was strange for me to realize how close that hit home to my own “anniversary.” Last year I was on location, as it were–in Zambia. This year I am most definitely not in that land of peace [poverty, but peace]. And this year I find my experience of the day as differently as the lands on which I have been in to experience it. I struggled with my emotions on that day. Not because I was overly sad about it. But because I was anxious to move on from the sadness. I was impatient to post a new story, a new photo. I was impatient to get on with the business of my life here. So much happens on any given day. So much is new, and unexpected. But there is also much simplicity in the midst of it all.
Today we are confined within the gates of the school, due to the nature of this day, in the country. And sure enough, that confinement turned out to be well-planned: this has been a day of tragic violence in the city. Strangely enough, though, in the midst of this tragedy, we here at the school are busying about with simple tasks and preparations. Working on holiday treats and decorations. Preparing for next week’s art classes. Planning for choir concert in two days. In short, living the happy mundane life that this season calls for.
So once more, on this day, the good and the bad converge into the whole of a life.


2 Responses to “finding peace”

  1. Tucker said

    Waiting for your memoir to come out! You can flat out paint pictures in words! Once again…Thanks you for sharing.

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