“normal” festivities

December 9, 2011

So here in this part of the world, we do White Elephant gift exchanges too . . . with a twist. We had an annual party this weekend for the ladies of my home and workplace. And ours meant an exchange of chadors, the most fitting–and practical–sort of necessary item possible. They were also, incidentally, rather lovely, with purchases from other Asian countries as well as our own. This came on the heels of a Christmas concert I was a part of last night, during which we had an service of lessons and carols that felt just like those I’ve sung in for many years. These seasonal events are nothing unusual in one way. But that is exactly what is unusual about them: here in this place nothing “normal” can be taken taken for granted, or taken lightly. Each is a time to be savored, and a time to give thanks for. *This visual is one of the chadors acquired at today’s party.

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