December 11, 2011

I don’t know what it was like in your neck of the woods. But here we had a lunar eclipse last night. I didn’t know it was coming, so when I got a call alerting me, I made a dash for my camera and fumbled through a quick lens change [racing the end of the eclipse]. I was able to snap a few shots before I had to leave, and was grateful for what I captured, though I suspect it improved–for photographic purposes at least–after I left.
What came as a particular delight, then, was my view this morning. I saw what appeared to be the sunrise. But it was on the wrong side of the sky. What it was instead was the very full moon setting over the mountain peaks. Reminds me of a line from a song: “You and the moon are a beautiful sight to me . . .”

One Response to “moonset”

  1. Carol Waffel said

    I’m so glad I subscribed to your blog. The moonset photo is awesome. That’s a word that’s overused these days…but it describes this photo!

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