traveling [bare]feet

December 27, 2011

Today my feet [happily barefoot feet, I might add] find me in Singapore. And since yesterday they found me in Dubai, it seemed worthy of a foot photo. Having spent much of the last week in and out of airplanes and airports, when I landed here for a 12-hour layover today, I lost no time getting out of dodge . . . or out of the airport, as it were. Knowing nothing about this city, I headed for the information desk and was pleasantly surprised to learn that a 10-minute bus ride would carry me to a large, beachside park. Luckily for me, in the midst of rainy season here, the day was sunny and warm. A layover spent joining some sand-castle-building youngsters on the beach? Sigh of contentment here, in case you didn’t hear it over cyberspace!
So now I am back at the airport, readying for the next leg of the journey, to carry me . . .? :-)

2 Responses to “traveling [bare]feet”

  1. merrynook said

    Wishing that we were on a beach right now! How fun. Sounds like Singapore was a nice place to have a layover. Thinking of you as your’re traveling, Anna! May it be smooth!

  2. Tucker said

    You pack a lot into your adventures girl! Keep posting. Miss you

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