legos for librarians

December 29, 2011

“It’s like Legos for Librarians,” I explained, after lauding T’s organization system for the large quantity of legos we were currently sorting through. She has invented the most brilliant way of keeping things in order, in which each lego model, once its lego life is done, is deconstructed into cartons of various sizes of Lego pieces. There’s a “ones” bin, a “twos” bin, and so on. If the piece is single-layered, it is stacked in a stair-step, and if double-layered, simply straight-up stacked. This makes the whole set of various lego pieces easy for an eight-year old to find, sort through, and keep straight by himself [though of course it does not always end up being done consistently by him . . . good thing there are librarians who like joining in on the sorting fun :-)]

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