the cold war

January 10, 2012

I have entered into new territory: into a brand new sort of war zone . . . and here I thought I was already in a war zone! But this time the battle is a daily one, and the enemy is the cold.
Each day I find myself experimenting with new techniques, new strategies, for combat. “How many layers of socks can I wear and still be able to fit my feet into my shoes?” “Should I layer wool then synthetic, or synthetic then wool, for my base layers?” And yes, that was layers, not layer: I wear an average of three layers on top and two on bottom–and that’s underneath my down jacket.
In short, it’s cold!
The new territory part, however, comes not from the temperature itself but from the fact that this is indoor life as well as outdoor. There is no relief, and we all, together, take plodding steps forward as we plead with the elements for mercy.
But what strikes me most right now is the reality for those not so blessed as I. I have students coming into class wearing the same sorts of clothing they wore back when temperatures were mild. It is miserably cold when cloaked in performance gear; how can they possibly be functioning normally with such woefully inadequate tools . . . weapons?
One step forward at a time. That’s all we can do. Lord have mercy on us as we carry on. Grant us stamina. Grant us fortitude. Grant us the will to carry on, and the hearts to do so with joy.

5 Responses to “the cold war”

  1. Carol Waffel said

    How cold is it? Like 20 or 30 below zero?

    • annajouj said

      Oh no–it’s not so much the temperature itself as the lack of central heating that gets to us. temperature-wise, it’s probably only a bit below freezing . . . somehow it just feels more intense when it’s everywhere :-)

  2. Annette Shierman said

    Hi Anna,
    We are entering a period of -20 and lower but really can’t complain when we have indoor heating! (and you don’t have to go anywhere!lol) Hoping the weather warms up for you soon!

  3. sounds terrible! And I was complaining about a 50 degree house! Hang in there.

  4. Marissa Parsons said

    Wow..I had no idea it was so cold where you are. I have quite the opposite problem:-) My dehumidifier is my best friend at home. I so appreciate your kind thoughts on my blog…I have been keeping up with yours as well.
    Blessings friend, Marissa

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