January 13, 2012

For today’s “Funday School” lesson, we were studying Esther, along with the First Beatitude. As our activity, I used butcher paper to make a giant crown, and had each child draw a “jewel” on the crown, in which they were to write something they didn’t understand in life. I explained that God is making a beautiful crown out of each of our lives, and the hard things–the things we don’t understand–are all going to be shining jewels on that crown, someday.
When I had the kids share their jewels, if they wanted to, a little one raised his hand patiently for some time, as the others shared. Finally, I saw and called on him. “You want to share something?” I asked. He nodded. “I don’t understand why the Canada transport companies have people working there who are always so mean,” he deliberately, and emphatically, contributed. It took me a bit to recover from my confusion but I did, and I agreed with him that I too do not understand this :-) Turns out he is new in the country, two weeks in from Canada. It was a happy moment for me, one in which I was reminded to enjoy the little amusements in a life that is often a trying, and draining one.
And the photo is another: a shot of one of the super teachers here as she labors to create as cheery of a space as possible for the little ones who will start a new week with her tomorrow. We do what we can here. And what we can do is–has to be–enough.


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