not it

February 20, 2012

As I packed up my classroom materials and walked out to carline duty, I had to laugh at the sight of the upper school P.E. class. We spend our days hounding students about snowball-throwing. But I really can’t blame them, in the midst of my scolding. I mean, how else is one to let out excess energy in this sort of environment? But of course we have to wear our stern teacher faces and give the appearance of utter disapproval.
So here I was about to go to the after-school job that consists almost entirely of stopping snowball fights, and I spot the seniors enjoying a teacher-sanctioned game of what appeared to be snowball tag. I watched for a moment and then carried on my way without a word . . . just making sure I hid my smile behind my camera :-)


One Response to “not it”

  1. Tucker said

    love you Anna and your posts are wonderful!!! Any slight hint of warmer weather yet?

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