step by step . . . ooh, baby?

February 21, 2012

So this is what it feels like to be a mother of 16 5-year-olds . . . or that’s the closest thing I can think of right now to the experience of Kindergarten teacher. Probably a bit more dramatic for me at the moment because of the combination of work responsibilities and housing issues. Seven women sharing a house with weeks of power/heat/hot water outages, and no idea of when that will change? Check. Roaming sub, with 2nd graders one full day, 4th graders the next, High School Honors the following day, and Kindergarten following right behind? Check. Wearisome decision-making and uncertainty about next year, with a looming pressure to know soon[or maybe now?]? Check.
One slightly-scattered and definitely-drained teacher/librarian? Check.
Sometimes you just have to keep on moving forward, one baby step at a time . . . or kindergartener-step, as the case may be :-)

4 Responses to “step by step . . . ooh, baby?”

  1. Tucker said

    Can not imagine! CAN NOT! But CAN continue to ask for grace that is sufficient for your every moment…. and please God, throw in some mercy too! And please enable Anna to cut herself enough slack to be content to just do what she can do . Give her THE peace that passes comprehension in the midst. And let her know how loved she is!!!

  2. GramBea and PaCharley said

    YOU ARE ABLE – we have confidence that you were chosen for those responsibilities. Your youth is such a help – been there, done that. Looking forward to what’s ahead for you – I am sure it will be “an unexpected blessing”. It is these instances that bring the most joy to us. Love Keep the posts coming.

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