a shot in the light

February 27, 2012

So this time I specifically requested more snowball-throwing. I mean, when you are confined together for expended periods of time, within the gates of a compound, you’ve gotta find outlets for releasing energy. After spotting some expert tosses by this young shooter, I went for my camera and returned to capture one of his shots. As I did so, I thought of how much better this land, this life, would be if more people could be satisfied by the shooting of snowballs. But no: hatred has such force that even when the weather is brutal, and daily life a struggle, people still have the need here for life-taking displays of power. I do not understand. There is much, in fact, in the “grown up” world that I simply do not get.
And that is one of the reasons I think I work with children. In the simplicity of childhood there is much that the adult world would do well to take to heart. Last night as I Skyped with my niece, I mused on that pure beauty of the young. So have her smile at me, laugh at my antics, and call me by name: it was the simplest of things, but oh so lovely. That is the stuff of life–the true stuff. When weapons and war are overpowering one’s vision, we must remember what is true: therein lies our hope.

2 Responses to “a shot in the light”

  1. KIm said

    What a grace full perspective in a place of such chaos. Keeping you in my prayers, Anna.
    You can also just imagine those little gifts of love at your parent’s house-all twelve little itty bitty puppies! Oh, my.

  2. Tucker said

    AMEN AND AMEN! Blessings on your day dear friend!

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