wintery mix

March 11, 2012

So much for those signs of spring. Today we enjoyed a full day of what I believe I remember being called a “wintery mix” in weather forecasts back when I was around TV news. It started at sunrise with what sounded like drizzle. But as soon as it was light enough to see outside, there was a heavy falling of large, cotton-like snowflakes. Midday these turned smaller, icier . . . and more dreary somehow. The next time I went outside, I gasped and, as the elementary P.E. class laughed at me, I pointed and exclaimed that the hail looked like styrofoam. Because it did! I laughed at it, but the truth was that I sympathized completely with a coworker when she asked how it was outside and said she was “so done with winter!”
Yes, we are done with winter. So in the midst of a “wintery mix,” we would rather escape to a dance studio. Tonight a group of us women went to that little room that makes us forget the city we live in. On a day like today there are plenty of reasons to want to forget that fact, I’m afraid.
So we danced. Some more gracefully than others. I am definitely one of the “others,” there being a very good reason I opted for the less coordination-required variety of sports. But I do love to dance. So I put on those tap shoes and I gave it my best effort, grinning happily as I stumbled over my two left feet.
I tried to get a good shot of the hail this afternoon but was too rushed to work on it that well. This is at least a glimpse . . .


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