being regal

April 3, 2012

Blogging becomes a bit of a challenge for me when a day consists of so many different places, different sites . . . and different photos! So today I guess I should simply share my favorites from yesterday’s outings. We went to a couple different parts of the city by foot and by tram. When we arrived at Eggenberg castle we found that it was closed to tourists for the day. But this did not mean we didn’t have access to the hallways, and to the garden. So it ended up being perhaps even nicer to have the place to ourselves, with the freedom to goof off a bit–and possibly sing in the acoustically tempting courtyard? ;-) But, like I said, my favorites . . . seeing as how we had the place to ourselves, I told S she looked like quite the princess after I snuck out my camera for these shots. Doesn’t she though?

One Response to “being regal”

  1. Carol Waffel said

    Very nice photos, especially the lower one with the interplay of sun and shadows and the arches and columns!

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