mind the gap

April 8, 2012

How does she do it? How does she bring out the deepest parts of my hurts, and of my joys, with those wide, bright eyes? Sitting face to face in the metro bustle. We snag snippets of conversation between stops
We are, in many ways, simply passing the time. Wandering through the city and choosing sights to see. We walk from one painting to another in the gallery, asking each others’ favorites, and laughing at our reasons. Then she starts a game of “Find what Anna would do” with the prints, guessing a spot of any given painting that would be my inspiration if I were taking a photo and writing about it, as I have a rather obvious habit of doing. But oh, how far from wasted is this time of unproductively! It is life-giving, soul-feeding time. It is time that will carry me through long stretches of stresses and challenges in the life I lead now.
We both cried in the middle of our Metro conversation: one beginning and the other following suit as we spoke of members of our family. It no doubt made those with us uncomfortable. But it should not have. It was the most normal, natural thing for us to do at the time. Just have a good sisterly cry, then hoist up our backpacks, hop off the train, and head to the next line, on with our plan for the day. A day well-spent. Time well-wasted. Life well-lived.


One Response to “mind the gap”

  1. Helen said

    Du sprichst mir aus der Seele- thank you, Anna.
    It was good, very good to see you again. Here, there, anywhere, short or long.

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