painting Spring

April 12, 2012

I had intended for my Grade 1 students today to use the “Paint” computer program to make a Spring picture. I had not originally intended, however, to have a Grade 8 class do the same. But during a shortened class period, on a day in which they had no deadlines to meet, it seemed appropriate for me to invite this group of largely boys to do their best at artistic rendering. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. One, in particular, completely impressed me with his creative choice of a kite-flying detail. And it was a good lesson for me today as well: this particular student has been one of my most sullen and argumentative ones over the past week, requiring several disciplinary actions on my part. So it was an unexpected pleasure to have an interaction of happy artistic encouragement with him . . . and a fine way to end this school week :-)

One Response to “painting Spring”

  1. merrynook said

    Love the painting. Quite impressed that it was done using paint. The clouds look like angels flying overhead!

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