April 15, 2012

Hour three. Three and a half, rather. This is what it means to live here, I suppose. A home in which we smile at each other and say “Here we go!” when the siren goes off. We’d been listening to the gunfire and rocket sounds for half an hour already, so it’s no surprise when the blasts grow louder, the siren sounds, and we head into the safe room. And here we are still. Students, teachers, administrators together in a stone-floored hallway, biding time as best we can.
Strangely enough, it is in the midst of this that I have a life-impacting conversation with a coworker. Somehow I have never asked her about her children before. What better time than this? So as we wait out the storms we have a teary-eyed conversation about the miraculous way she and her husband found their children: these beautiful youth were almost literally dropped in the laps of this couple. The two were open to providential leading each time an infant was brought to them. And now their family shines bright joy to all around them, parents serving in the work they have been called to, and two teens showing bright promise already in their young lives.
What is especially blessed to me in this conversation is that I have always had a dream of adopting yet saw it as out of reach, or at least far-flung from my practical capabilities. So to hear of such miraculous provision simply serves as a timely reminder to me that the desires placed in our hearts and there because He has placed them there. And He intends to fulfill every good thing in our lives, no matter the apparent obstacles in the way.

2 Responses to “sheltered”

  1. Marissa Parsons said

    What a gift to have that community amidst the storm! Thoughts are with you.

  2. Jenny said

    What a blessing to be able to share our story with you. Thank you for being a captive audience:-)

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