…to the hills

April 27, 2012

I was, quite frankly, as annoyed as a spoiled child. Mad at the weather. I had set my heart on being able to sit outside to do my prep work for the week. Home from Funday School, I had happily noted the sunny skies. And then, just as soon as I had planted myself in the sunshine, clouds rolled in and rain began to fall. Intellectually, I know I should be happy about the rain. We have too much dust and too little rain, generally speaking. But I was not happy. All I had wanted was this one afternoon of freedom to be outside. Freedom before the next week of challenges, known and unknown. Before the next week of life as I have grown to know it here in this land of never-to-be-predicted.
And when I recognized my train of thoughts, it hit me that I would do well to take to heart what I had just this morning been teaching to the Funday School children: God gives us what we need, and what is best for us. He doesn’t always give us exactly what we ask Him for . . .
So I lifted my head, and I shot up a prayer of “Ok, God, show me what you have for me this afternoon, then. I’m sorry . . .”
Lifting up those eyes, this is what I saw. Ok, got the message, Lord. Yes, this is what I really needed: a reminder of Your sovereignty. Of Your beauty.

2 Responses to “…to the hills”

  1. Annette Shierman said

    Thanx for sharing that insight! We all need to be reminded of that at those times in our lives! Love your blogs always….

  2. Carol Waffel said

    Love this. It really spoke to me. (beautiful photo too)

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