put me in coach

May 1, 2012

So as I’ve mentioned, our school is pretty good at allowing the young ladies to play basketball–at least recently. And I also mentioned that the young men get their turn too. Well today, I got to experience a new treat: we also let the ladies who work here play. As I said when asked if I would be a part of the women’s team, I never give up an opportunity to embarrass myself athletically, so I joined in on the fun this afternoon. Clearly, I played a very instrumental role in the goals made by my team :-)


One Response to “put me in coach”

  1. kimahall said

    If only I had been there to join you on your team. You would have shone next to me, no doubt, since I have never played basketball ever. We all have our strengths, and athletically, I think mine was solely to help others see how far they had come. ;-)

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