jumping to rhyme

May 7, 2012

In one of the classrooms I use [I don’t have a classroom of my own, so use other teachers’], I have had a habit for some time now of putting a daily drawing on the white board: a bit of a bequeathment to the teacher and students. I’ve had varying themes for this drawing, until the month of April. In honor of poetry month, I began instead to put a daily rhyme. Today I was subbing in that classroom and so it must have just been too much exposure to that tempting whiteboard: even though I had already written of farewell-to-poetry-month poem, I had to write another. One of my students, looking at it, asked when I would finish it. I told her it was done, the confession in question being that of my addiction. This is what is currently on that board:

‘Tis a terrible affliction,
this poetic addiction–
For April is long gone,
Yet my rhyming carries on.
So forgive me this transgression,
As I make one last confession . . .

In other addiction news, I have developed one of the jumping variety. Thanks to a kind neighbor who allows me use of their trampoline, I have happily discovered that a few minutes of jumping can do wonders for work-stress relief. This afternoon I thought I’d try a bit of an experiment and see what kind of photo would result if I were to jump with my camera. Not too bad, I don’t think :-)


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