wade in the water

May 11, 2012

It was an afternoon of unexpected delight. A gathering of sun-starved, work-weary . . . war-weary souls. The children in my morning Funday School class asked if I was coming to the volleyball tournament afterwards, and I almost said no–I almost gave in to the feeling of needing to get to work, readying for the school week that would begin bright and early tomorrow morning. But a deeper truth spoke to my soul: the truth that a day of rest is a necessity, not a luxury. So I went. Sitting on a picnic blanket with another woman there, we noted that we didn’t even feel the need to socialize all that much. It was enough to just be there, enjoying the company of so many others in a similar sort of lifestyle, with similar sorts of stresses. I bought a carnival ticket for the children’s fundraiser and won prizes for my stellar bean-bag-tossing and water-bobbing skills. I am now the proud owner of a Winnie-the-Pooh sticker and a Beatrix Potter postcard. But the first thing I did this afternoon was join the kiddos in the pool. So maybe I couldn’t do anything remotely like the swimming I’d like to be doing. But I did brazenly hike up my pants and wade in bare feet . . . which of course necessitated a foot photo :-)

3 Responses to “wade in the water”

  1. kimahall said

    Ah, the refreshment of rest. . .
    So glad you took advantage to refill the well. :-)

  2. Lugar and Company said

    Love this Anna, you have such a way with words!

  3. Lugar and Company said

    Anna, I so enjoy your thoughts and pictures! Thank you for sharing!

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