a time to dance

May 26, 2012

Recital set-up, take 2. This afternoon we prepared the outdoor stage. Again. We hung 60-some-odd tissue paper flowers from fishing line suspended over a basketball court. And we were feeling awfully proud of ourselves in the process, until the lines began to break. Some combination of the weather hazards we have had lately, the dust, and perhaps even some effect of this country’s harshness, made for a resulting series of downed lines. It felt almost symbolic, considering the difficulties we encounter here on a grander scale than decorative mishaps. Yes, there is much to grieve here, and there is much to be sorrowful over. But there is also a time to hang large numbers of strikingly colorful flowers that we have labored over together. There is a time to lavish time and energy on little ones, for the sake of encouraging them to celebrate life and creativity. A time to dance.

One Response to “a time to dance”

  1. kimahall said

    Those children are so blessed to have you as part of their lives. I can imagine how lovely those flowers would look, gaily floating overhead!

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