lesson[s] learned

June 8, 2012

Yesterday I learned how to make flower circle thingies. And no, that is not an official name: I just can’t remember what she called them . . . shows you how good of a student I am, huh? :-) It happened because I was helping set up a table before the Art & Music show began. That event was, in itself, a pretty phenomenal story; but this particular one is going to have to limit itself to flower circle thingies. Sometimes there’s just one too many finals to write and one too many Funday School lessons to prepare . . .
Back to the story at hand. As I laid her stunning display on the table, I mentioned how much I’d like to be able to make such a thing. She told me she’d been thinking of doing classes in it, and proceeded to instruct me in the making of the second one she had planned for that table. So I happily followed her around the garden and began clipping the roses I wanted to use for my design. The funny thing about all this is that I have grown spoiled by one aspect of this land: abundant roses, free for the taking. Since they almost grow like weeds here, I pick roses as frequently as I please these days. But as I was selecting the ones I wanted yesterday, I actually got in trouble. Turns out, in this particular garden, the roses were not supposed to be cut–even though there were probably thousands of them crowded into the small space. Consequently, on my very first attempt at a flower circle thingie, I risked instant death. Or at least a decent scolding.
So here it is–the Flower Circle Thingie. Mine is the not-so-professional one, on the left


One Response to “lesson[s] learned”

  1. Lugar and Company said

    Hi Anna, what lovely rose circles! Beautiful! Yes, the roses there are just so refreshing! See you soon and save travels!

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