yes i do

June 19, 2012

It’s funny the sorts of things that pop out of your mouth when you’re in mid-kid-madness. As we walked back from our errand-running walk, I told my cousin that it was a sort of “mindless creativity” that prompted random song-writing, silly rhyming, and the like. My cousin happens to have a very high-maintenance little one. Make that 2. Boy #2 is significantly more mild-mannered than #1 but you still have the multiplication factor that makes matters more stressful no matter the nature of the child . . .
All that to say, my hat’s off to this sweet super-mom of a cousin I have :-)
At any rate, there we were out for a long walk with a double stroller, combining errands of cell-phone purchasing and school-age child form-signing along with our walk. And it struck me, as it always does when caring for little ones, how all-consuming, and humbling, the work of childcare can be. It is a labour of love, in the truest sense of the expression.
At one point, I took over monitoring, waiting outside the school with the stroller and the dog while my cousin ran in to take care of office business. I was armed with Wendy’s best, french fries and a frosty, that we had purchased as a way of keeping them as content as possible for the duration of the outing. So I pulled out the frosty and began spoon-feeding, each little mouth in turn. As I did so, I started to sing. You shall have to imagine the tune of it, as I am not gifted enough in transcribing oral tunes to written notes . . .

I like ice cream, yes I do. I like ice cream, yes it’s true.
Mommy likes ice cream, brother too,
I like ice cream, yes I do.

And so on. We added in variations and lyrics as we went. Soon, being the gifted young singer he already is, he knew the song better than I did. In fact, just now, I had to go ask him to sing the ice cream song for me as I had already forgotten it. Here’s a shot of some tell-tale ice cream covered little lips :-)


One Response to “yes i do”

  1. KIm said

    I wish I could have seen you singing away! It’s so wonderful you have some time to spend with your family.

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