and bolts

July 28, 2012

There’s a little bit of nuttiness in my blood. “Little” is probably an understatement. So it didn’t really surprise me all that much when this morning found the three of us: 2 “old folks” [they said it, not me :-)] and a not-so-young-anymore woman, braving the Tennessee heat in order to tackle the yard. PaCharley started it, heading out with the lawnmower and weed eater. GramBea had to follow suit, one eye watching him and the other monitoring her own weeding. And of course, when I saw the project, I had to join in. I motioned to PaCharley to hand over the mower and went on to conquer a highly gratifying hill project. It was actually quite a puzzle, with the steepness of the incline and the nooks and crannies, to figure out how to manage it. But, as we joked afterwards, once one [at least one in this nutty family] starts a project, it must be completed, no matter the obstacles. Afterwards we sat in the shade, sucking on ice cubes, with wet rags on our necks [GramBea had draped them on us as we mowed] as we watched the entertainment next door [several trees being felled]. At GramBea’s prompting, I walked over to the tree men. “Excuse me, gentlemen, but we were wondering if you’d like some ice. We’ve got plenty here to share.” They thanked me kindly, but told me they were also well supplied in that department. Leave it to our family to strike up a conversation with just about anybody . . .
The funny thing about all this is that I had actually discovered the project after walking with some neighbors. As we walked, they spoke how incredible my grandparents are, and how inspiring with the way they always embark upon all their own projects, defying norms of societal expectations. I laughed at the time, agreeing with them and admitting that it was a bit comforting to stay with my grandparents and realize that I come by some of my quirks naturally . . . yes, I guess it’s all in the family :-)
Speaking of which, last night was another Olympic TV-watching evening for us. And another during which I spied a lovely sunset. This time I didn’t disturb the show, just snuck out on my own to snap a shot. I will miss this view.

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