on with the races

August 10, 2012

So I landed in London this morning, taking the train “under the sea,” as it were. And am watching the Olympics at the moment [ok, so the truth is that I’m lounging on the couch in a fuzzy robe while doing so!]. The glorious thing about having the sort of family I have, as my aunt and I were just discussing, is that we assume that all will scatter and be our independent, wandering selves. As a result, we can meet up in random places, at random times, and know that the time will be sweet, even if it is limited. So I soak up the luxury of this family I have. I enjoy the sights of this athletically-consumed region of the country . . . and I had some foot photo fun while doing so, thanks to another international friend with an interest in walking and a patience for foot-photo-posing :-)

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