my other career

August 14, 2012

It is no secret that I gear up, with some degree of dread, for each journey back to this place. So this morning I had to laugh at the strange—ironic—way in which my fears were somewhat abated. It turns out I had another adventure of sorts. When I arrived in Dubai to check in for my flight, after an overnight flight, I discovered that the airline had no record of my booking. Somehow, I had erred in the completion of my booking, with the result being that I had no flight after all. Either that or the airline booking had some error. It doesn’t really matter now, as the result was the same: I was stuck with no flight and I had to get back today. The airline was overbooked so I had no way of buying a ticket for this flight now. Some quick rethinking, thanks to a coworker there with me who did have a flight, led to heading to another airline I hadn’t flown before to see if they might have room. They did. The only catch being that it was leaving shortly and they only accepted cash. I left my baggage there and made a dash for the nearest ATM. My cards were denied. I dashed to another ATM. It worked.
I ran back to the counter where they quickly issued me a ticket. With the flight so close to departure, I ended up having a personal airline escort through to the gate. As we headed to the tarmac I saw an unusual-looking crowd of passengers and soon discovered that I was traveling with the country’s Taekwondo team, just heading home from the Olympics. So the whole journey was filled with a fair bit of fanfare there as we journeyed in the wee hours of the morning. At one point, during the flight, there was a long series of some announcements on the intercom that I did not understand, but that inspired a good bit of clapping and cheering on the plane, along with waving of the large trophies that some of the uniformed players carted with them.
I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered an encounter with a store clerk in London, only a few days earlier. As I made my purchase, he inquired as to where I was from. I gave a brief rundown and his eyes grew a bit larger. Then he smiled widely and nodded, “Ah—you are a journalist!” he proudly asserted. At the time, I had just carried on with my business, not thinking further of it. But today, I suspect he might have known something I did not: I mean, I did end up basically following our nation’s team from London to here, did I not? ☺

2 Responses to “my other career”

  1. kimahall said

    Thanks for sharing your adventures! I love traveling the globe through your eyes!

  2. Carol Waffel said

    You really do have the most amazing adventures. I too enjoy traveling and seeing through your eyes! The Lord has really protected you through all your journeys.

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