August 16, 2012

As a part of our in-service training today, we watched a fabulous documentary in which one quote struck me particularly hard. It seemed fitting to ponder in this post-Olympics period. Educator Geoffrey Canada asserts that “observing a great teacher is like observing a great artist or a great musician, or athlete.” Later today, I thought of this as I worked with one of my super-teacher coworkers in her classroom. It truly is incredibly to watch teachers like her who show such selfless dedication as they work through various hardships. She also made me laugh at one point, as we organized her games. “Would it be horrible if I tossed the outer packaging to some of my book sets?” she asked, trying to figure out how to multiply space in a setting of “making do” with what we have. Absolutely not!, I assured her. A firm believer in consolidating, I am always a fan of getting rid of any extra stuff that may clutter up available space. She smiled and headed for the rubbish bin: “Well if my librarian tells me it’s ok to get rid of it, I believe it!” Not sure if it counts as professionalism or not, but I felt I had done my good librarian deed of the day :-)


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