[shoe] camp

August 19, 2012

If one ever wanted to venture into a career of Do-It-Yourself, and was looking for an intensive boot camp for preparation, all one would need to do would be to join my coworkers and I right here, right now. With a shortage of funds to spare, and of available manpower [short-staffed with the country’s current holiday], but a little bit of time before the students start [2 days and counting], we are all getting to dabble in it all: moving furniture, building bookshelves, moving books, painting classrooms, and so on, and so on.
So I figured a good foot photo to document my week thus far of being back in my Central Asian home would be this one: the three conquering feet. Painting completed [including the people doing the painting, of course], supplies piled . . . work well done.

One Response to “[shoe] camp”

  1. Lugar and Company said

    Hi Anna and hopefully in two days when all those bright and smiling faces are milling about campus, this will be worth it! Thanks to you and the team for all this prep work!

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