August 20, 2012

When I was in grad school, I took a class called the OPL [One Person Library], in which we learned about the specific role that a librarian plays when she is the only one there to manage the library. I don’t remember any mention of the need to transport 400-some books, by hand, from one building to another. But there are some aspects to life in an international setting that bring a whole new dimension to the One-Person-Library. Then again, I haven’t seemed to land the most ordinary sort of librarian jobs anyway . . . nor would I really want to, I expect. At any rate, I started out today with a single-handed [ok, so I guess I have 2 hands] method, attempting to just tackle the mountain of them with sheer armpower. But thankfully, help arrived in the form of a much more efficient, and much faster, modus operandi. It still was a rather tiring affair but gratifying now to have my library space clear and almost-ready for classes to come in a little over a day now . . .

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