first flight?

August 22, 2012

At one point today, one of my coworkers texted me to tell me that “my camera” might be interested in what her students were busying themselves with for their recess time. She was right. My camera was very interested. So, incidentally, was I. What they were doing was fixing up a kite that had crashed on our school grounds. Once it was re-fabricated [;-)], they commenced with the flying of it. It was interesting to me after the conversation I had last night. I went for a “walk” around the compound with a few of the new teachers, showing them my favorite spots on the grounds. One of them asked me what the big deal with kites was around here, and commented that she hadn’t even seen many at all. I hadn’t either, actually, and wondered aloud if it had to do with how hot it is at the moment. I also admitted that I didn’t know why kites were so popular of a pastime . . . but noted that we did normally see them more regularly than we had so far.
So it seemed fitting that today, on this first day back in school, kite-flying would come into play, in some small fashion at least . . .

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