more about the moon

September 1, 2012

One thing I love about working for a school is that there’s always something to do. So occasionally that gets a bit extreme sometimes, but for the most part I enjoy the challenge. But you don’t get bored here, that’s for sure!
This morning, for instance, was another chance to jump in with the middle school p.e. class. Today’s lesson was dribbling, which I happen to enjoy. So I happily joined the girls, confidently dribbling my way along. “Confidently” until one of them called out to me, “Hey Miss J–you’re supposed to have your head up; coach said not to look down at the ball!” Oops. Guess I should stick with being a librarian :-)
Relatedly [not obviously, but in my mind, at least], I had a conversation last night about the word “moon.” I was on my way to music practice and was talking to the driver about the “blue moon” we were having that night. After what I wrote about in my last post, the irony was palpable to me when the driver commented on the significance of the word “moon” in the two local languages here. He told me that it is common to use the word “moon” if one wants to refer to a thing [or person] of beauty; the standard of beauty, it seems, is to compare it to the moon’s beauty. So I sat there listening to him, musing on the irony of my last “moon” reference, and thinking to myself A girl named moon . . . named “beauty.”
Indeed, the moon is beautiful. And yes, I am surrounded by women of beauty.

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