Coach J?

September 4, 2012

So I learned a bit more about basketball. This time we were shooting, and practicing proper form. And this time I knew for a fact that I was sorely unprepared to display any semblance of good showmanship. But I used my best coaching voice, and I berated the girls when they clearly lost patience and got sloppy with the form their coach [their real coach!] had demonstrated to them. At one point I called one girl on her glaringly sloppy air ball, telling her it was “pitiful.” She shot right back with, “What was that you said? Beautiful?”
I laughed, and figured I deserved it a bit later when I had my own air ball and heard from the sidelines, “Pitiful, Miss J!”
Though lighthearted as a whole, the experience did make me miss one of my former housemates. One of the girls announced to me that she knew a “trick,” that Miss D had taught her last year; she then proceeded to demonstrate a truly impressive spinning-on-the-finger [I tried to think of a better way to describe that just now, but my housemates could offer no other phrase than that, so I stuck with it :-)].
Considering how much I’ve been musing on my past coaching experiences lately, I had to wonder about this morning’s conversation. As I greeted the arriving children at the school gate, one of the other teachers walked in. He passed at a brisk, to-business pace, but then looked back over his shoulder at me and off-handedly mentioned that he’d been telling students that I was going to be the new soccer coach this year. I couldn’t hold back a rather loud burst of laughter at the idea. Yet the more I think about it, the more I like the thought . . . highly unlikely, perhaps, but a fun concept, all the same :-)

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