a gun of a different sort

September 23, 2012

It was with no small measure of excitement this morning that I discovered a virtual treasure box of book-repair supplies. I was looking at a damaged book returned this morning and thought I should check my supplies and see if I had a glue that might work to fix the spine. I knew I had materials for repair but didn’t expect it to be such a thrilling find. White cotton gloves for the procedure, no less!
I think my excitement over this, however, is do more to the recent state of frustration I’ve grown accustomed to in my daily life plans. Best-laid plans run amuck.
So to be able to tackle something tangibly fruitful, to fix one well-used book, to provide one well-loved item for one child, is a highly gratifying thing to do at this point. There may be little time for this portion of my one-person library in any given day; but for now, in the pocket of time between one group of students and the next, it is a blessing.

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