pickin’ out . . .

September 25, 2012

Happy work moment of the day: listening to the 1st graders singing one of the songs I do with them when they come in for class. I can hear them outside the screen door as they head here for afternoon check-out. I’m goin’ down to the library. Pickin’ out a book, check it in, check it out. Gonna say hi to the dictionary. Pickin’ out a book, check it in, check it out . . .
Not-so-happy work moment: having to fine a 4th grader for a damaged book
Happy non-work moment: practicing the chords I’m learning from my guitar teacher. Who also happens to be my former student. Last year I taught him study skills and, as part of the class, we tested learning styles. As he teaches me the chords, being all official and instructor-ly, he mentions that he should probably draw the chords for me to refer to. “Being a visual learner, like I am,” he explains, “this helps a great deal . . .” I smile and agree that yes, it will help a great deal for me as well. Though of course I’m actually a kinetic learner, not a visual one. But no matter: the important thing, for me, is that I am getting my first-ever, long-desired, guitar lessons. And that in doing so, I am getting to, I hope, encourage a young musician in his own future. I am also, incidentally, developing a respect for the fortified fingers that guitar players are apparently blessed with. My own fingers feel woefully inadequate when faced with a set of steel strings!

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