hanging around

October 10, 2012

The school day was just about done, with classes finished. And the weekend was upon us. So as I stepped out of the library to photograph the kindergarten program today, I couldn’t help but be tempted by the sight of a sparsely populated playground and a free swing. A few children called to me, excited that they had won a bit of extra play time for extra good behavior this week. Instead of waving and carrying on my way, I tucked my phone in my pocket, looped my camera on my wrist, and hopped on the empty tire swing to enjoy a few moments of relaxed play. The girls laughed at the sight, and asked if they could push me. I didn’t see any downside to a few young ones’ amusement, so said sure.
Then I heard a distinctly more aged call of my name and saw a team of high schoolers happily approaching, armed with cameras. The yearbook crew was passing and seemed to think that Miss J, wedged into the tire swing, would be perfect yearbook material. So much for random moments of anonymous amusement.

One Response to “hanging around”

  1. merrynook said

    Glad you have these kinds of moments. Chloe would love to be in your lap, I am sure!

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