October 12, 2012

I think that normalcy has developed a strangeness about it these days for me. Or at least it felt strange this afternoon. After the morning large group meeting we had a “community day,” playing games and enjoying the October sunshine. I remember how strikingly relaxed this day was last year, and this was no exception. While the grownups played volleyball, us “kids” played a series of improvised set-ups. A rules-relaxed version of baseball, for one. Though I guess I wasn’t as relaxed about it as I should have been: when playing the field I did catch one little one’s play, for a sound “Out!” call. Bowling, however, I was decidedly laid back about. When asked how many times she could roll the ball without hitting the pins, I just told her to keep rolling till she hit them. It took a few rolls, to use the term “few” loosely . . . but eventually we managed a spare. Technically, I suppose it may not have been a spare, seeing as how we were missing a pin, leading to a bowling setup more closely resembling a disjointed diamond than a proper triangle. Well, no harm done, I don’t think :-)
During the morning Funday School, I had the children do an activity in which we made a paper chain to symbolize bondage that we have freedom from. Once completed, we broke our chain and talked of ways in which God gives us freedom. I expected to hear more along the lines of life hardships and dramatic events that here we know unfortunately too much of. Instead, they gave answers of “family” and “home.” I thought better of correcting this when I realized that, in fact, this was more true than any pat “freedom” answer I would have envisioned. Because really, what better than family and home to symbolize freedom? Or at least that’s what I was thinking about as we enjoyed our community “family” this afternoon.
Later in the afternoon, I ended up with a sleepy little one in my arms. We watched the volleyball match until she conked out and then I just stayed there, still rocking her back and forth, and savoring the sweetness of life’s pause button.

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