October 16, 2012

I tacked this question on the library computer screen yesterday. As I went through my notes from the past quarter of ladies’ study, this portion caught my attention. I looked at the question and, instead of shredding it as I was doing with other notes, I ripped it out and taped it up. I needed to ask it of myself again. Who do I believe He is? At the moment, I am feeling weighted down. And the worry nagging at the core of my heart is one that tells me that I’ve messed up and that, as a result, God is going to “take.” So in writing this–bluntly, straightforwardly–my prayer is that truth will prevail. In this world and, yes, even in this one little life of mine, as insignificant as it may seem in the grand scheme of things. I choose to believe in His goodness now; I choose my Giving God.
On a lighter note of the day, we practiced turning pages in the library today. For the little ones who are still working on basic book care skills, it is an oddly important thing to teach. I couldn’t help but laugh as I coached each one of them and laughed at how eagerly they showed off their fine, flipping fingers.


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