thinking pretty

October 30, 2012

“Why can’t I feel it?” she wondered, as I cut her hair this afternoon.
Feel it being cut, you mean? I asked.
Wow, that’s a really good question, I thought, trying to summon up my middle school science class memories. Out loud, I mused, I think it’s because the hair itself is not alive, like other parts of you. You feel your fingers and toes, because they are alive, but your hair is not.
“How does it grow, then?”
Well, the part the pushes out the new hair is alive. It’s just the hair itself that’s not.
She nodded. “Well, it’s pretty, for not being alive”
Then I continued thinking out loud, and what came out went kind of like this.
You’re right. God gave it to us for a reason and, you know, I think that’s actually one of the reasons He did. I think God cares about pretty things, as well as practical things. And I think it makes Him happy when we see how pretty someone’s hair is, and we enjoy it. I think that He wants us to see things as beautiful, like He does . . .
The conversation has had me thinking since then, wondering in part why I’d never thought about that before. But saying it made me think about it, and I do like the thought now that I have. Incidentally, please forgive me, scientifically-minded folks, if my facts weren’t perfectly aligned in that explanation :-)

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