slide on

November 7, 2012

Today being our Friday as far as school days go, I couldn’t help but get a bit playful when I saw a crew of students about to go down the slide in a row of about 7 people. I laughed at the sight of them, then asked if they’d wait a minute while I got my camera. Once I had it, though, I decided to just go down the slide with them. When I got up to the top, however, I saw that the platform was slanting downward a bit precariously, and I worried that the whole thing was about to topple. So instead I had them all go down immediately rather than stop to take pictures of them. After they went in, back to class, I did a quick inspection and then went on down the slide after all . . . figured that even if it was about to topple, I still had to get down somehow.
Then the day lost its normalcy. Something happened–I still don’t know what–and the alarms went off around the school. I was with the 1st and 2nd graders at the time, and we stopped them in the middle of their lunch to take them inside, to the designated safe room. After 20 minutes of so of taking roll, keeping them quiet, and comforting frightened little ones, we got the “all clear” to file back out. We let them return to their lunches and, as I walked past one table of laughing youngsters, I paused to listen. Apparently one of them had decided that his lunch was not as he had left it. “The T@lib@n ate my lunch!” he declared. The others of course decided that the same fate had come to theirs as well, leading to a chorus of indignant declarations. I just shook my head and smiled, somewhat sadly. Life as we know it, I suppose.

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